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Putting Infant Sleep Problems to Rest

Baby wrapped in Zen Swaddle

A new sleep aide introduces simulated touch to soothe infants by providing the comfort and protection of their mother’s arms.

HUDSON, MA (February 28, 2012)

Nested Bean Inc, will launch the Zen Swaddle™ at the ABC Spring Conference in April in booth #211. It is the first swaddle products to use a unique construction that harnesses the proven power of maternal touch to soothe and comfort infants while also employing the benefits of swaddling. The Zen Swaddle™ was designed by Manasi Gangan, a mom who, like so many others, spent many sleepless nights trying to calm her fitful baby. Nothing worked-including traditional swaddling-except holding him as he slept. It was then that she began to realize the important role a mother's embrace plays in infants' ability to sleep.

"Swaddling alone does not provide babies with all of the nurturing they crave as they make the transition from the womb to the world," says Gangan, owner of Nested Bean. "What I learned through extensive research with medical professionals, research scientists and childcare professionals is that touch is integral to babies' sense of well being. Babies find restful sleep in the Zen Swaddle™ because it provides them with the calming benefits they receive from their parents' touch."

Research shows that simple caresses given by a parent increase baby's stress regulation ability.

A parent's touch:

Stabilizes baby's heart rate, regulates blood pressure and lowers stress hormone levels

Boosts physiological development which may even increase their immune response

Hospital NICUs soothe pre-term babies with lightly weighted accessories that simulate touch.

The Zen Swaddle™ integrates custom accessories into its swaddle design to employ the same principles:

The Peaceful Touch™ creates the gentle pressure that a reassuring hand on the chest might

The Loving Embrace™ pair is positioned on either side of the baby's body to mimic being encircled in a caregiver's arms.

Finally the swaddle design helps little ones stay asleep during the startle, or Moro reflex.

Trials with babies using the Zen Swaddle™ show the product enables them to self soothe through minor disturbances therefore increasing the duration of sleep.

The Zen Swaddle™ is designed for babies who are 7 to 14 pounds. Additional legroom allows babies to use the Zen Swaddle™ longer. Made with 100 percent cotton and containing non-toxic filling in parts, the swaddle fastens with Velcro closures. The product has undergone rigorous safety testing at CPSC-accredited labs.

Learn more at or contact the company at


About Nested Bean

Nested Bean was founded by Manasi Gangan, a mom of two with more than 15 years of management experience in IT. While working in business development in the financial industry, she honed the skills of vetting and building sustainable business models. With this background, she fulfilled a lifelong dream of entrepreneurship with the launch of Nested Bean in 2011. Through this juvenile products brand, Gangan is committed to offering quality products that parents can trust and children will love.

Manasi Gangan

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