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How to Swaddle a Baby With the Zen Swaddle in 3 Easy Steps

HOW TO SWADDLE STEP 1: Position the weighted blanket on baby 

Place the swaddle as shown, with its wings open wide and your baby in the center of the swaddle.

How to swaddle a baby step 1

What to look for:

Place your baby about 1-2 inches below the top edge of the wings. If you place your baby too low, it will crease at the top causing a slack in the fabric and allowing your baby to wriggle out easily.

Ensure that the weighted parts are placed as shown; the center on the baby’s chest and the side weights flat against the baby’s body not under the baby’s body or not on the surface on which the baby is laying.

How to swaddle - where the parts go


For babies less than 1 month or 23” in height: Use the leg pouch for a more snug fit.

For babies over 1 month and 23” in height: Place the legs over the pouch.

HOW TO SWADDLE STEP 2: Secure the first swaddle wing

Cover your baby’s right shoulder with the swaddle wing as shown. Secure the wing as far under baby’s back as possible for a secure swaddle.

How to Swaddle - a snug fit

What to look for:

Stretch the swaddle wing diagonally downwards to remove any slack.  Make sure it covers the shoulder completely up to the neck.

How to swaddle - shoulder fit

Now tuck it under the back.

If the swaddle wing is not pulled diagonally downwards enough or is not tucked under the back enough, it may create a slack in fabric at the shoulder as shown below, allowing enough room for babies to pull their arms out.

How to swaddle -what not to do

HOW TO SWADDLE STEP 3: Secure and Fasten the Second Swaddle Wing

Cover baby’s left shoulder with the swaddle wing as shown and secure it under the back of the opposite side, as far as possible and fasten this wing using the Velcro.

How to swaddle - pull over to velcro

What to look for:

Both wings should form a nice tight V under your baby’s neck.

How to swaddle - a great fit

There should be little or no slack at the shoulders. 

How to swaddle - a bad fit

When you're done, your little munchkin should look something like this:

Zen Swaddled Baby

How to adapt the One-Size Zen Swaddle right as your baby grows.

The Zen Swaddle creates a perfect snug fit, unless your baby is under 7 lbs or over 18 lbs.  At both extremes babies find it easy to wriggle out of the swaddle. As your baby grows, the Zen Swaddle’s adjustable form can adapt to your baby’s size.

Pay attention to the diagonally downwards position of the swaddle wings to remove any fabric slack. Changing this position according to your baby’s size is key to getting a snug swaddle each time.

Common Do's Dont's Of Swaddling

Some basic Do's and Dont's to keep in mind when using any swaddle also apply when using the Zen Swaddle.

Do get a snug, tight fit. You want your baby’s arms to be held closely to their body, and the swaddle should be tight enough that your little one can’t wriggle their arms out or loosen the fabric. The Zen Swaddles super strong Velcro makes getting a tight fit easy.

Don’t let any fabric (of the swaddle or otherwise) cover your baby’s mouth or face. A loose swaddle or loose bedding creates an unsafe sleep environment and can contribute to SIDS.

Do listen to your baby. Your baby will tell you when they are uncomfortable in some way. Whether that means they’re getting to hot or wants their arms free. To make sure your baby doesn’t overheat, check their temperature frequently and use breathable, light materials for swaddling (like cotton or bamboo). Some babies also prefer to have their arms out – that doesn’t mean you need to give up on swaddling all together. It’s perfectly fine to swaddle with one or both arms out.

Don’t wrap your baby’s legs. Although you want your baby’s arms to be held close to their body, their legs should have enough room to bend and flex. This will prevent the risk of developing hip problems.

Do incorporate swaddling as part of your bedtime or nap time routine. With consistent use as part of this routine, swaddling will become one of your baby’s cues that it’s time to sleep. Plus, swaddling will help your baby settle after being overstimulated and calm them before putting them down to sleep.

Don’t swaddle once your baby starts showing signs of rolling over. Once they start rolling over, your baby’s arms need to be able to move. Luckily, at this point you can switch to the Zen Sack, which lets their arms be free. Plus, for tummy sleepers, the Zen Sack can be worn backwards.

With so many benefits of swaddling, plus the added bonus of your baby looking adorable bundled up in our pretty prints, it’s easy to understand why it’s recommended.

Once your baby starts rolling over, you may continue to swaddle with arms out or transition to the Zen Sack.