Manasi Gangan - Founder & President Posted on 24 Jul 14:33

Manasi Gangan, founder and president of Nested Bean Inc.

(978) 212-3376 ext: 1003

Manasi is an information technology veteran with more than 15 years of experience building award winning IT products and leading teams on complex multi-million dollar business initiatives. Manasi founded Nested Bean in 2011 to address the need in the juvenile industry for innovative sleep solutions for babies. This need is addressed by Nested Bean products that mimic a caregiver’s soothing touch. When developing this solution, Manasi sought guidance from researchers from leading universities and institutions in touch research.    

Prior to leading Nested Bean, Manasi has held leadership positions in large corporations, responsible for business development, process development, personnel development and product development. During her IT career Manasi has won many professional awards. Manasi is an alumnus of Bombay University and Boston University with degrees in Computer Science. She is passionate about developing innovative and research backed products that help parents care for their children.

Manasi is the co-inventor of 1 US patent, 3 copyrights and has 1 additional US patent pending. She also serves on the FedEx Entrepreneur Advisory Board.