3 Month Old Sleep: What You Need to Know Posted on 17 Aug 12:56 , 0 comments

3 month old sleep

3 Month Old Sleep

Your baby is emerging from the newborn stage at 3 months old, which means you’ll start to see more distinct sleeping patterns emerge. You’re not quite to the point where you’ll be getting a full night’s sleep, but 3 month old’s will sleep an average of 14 to 16 hours a day, including naps and nighttime sleep.

You can expect your 3 month old to start sleeping slightly longer stretches at night, anywhere from 3-6 hours. As they get older, those stretches will become longer. This also means that a set bedtime can begin to be implemented.

You can read more about 3 month old sleep here, where we cover everything from bedtimes to when you can start expecting your baby to sleep through the night.

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