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baby bedtime chart by age

Sometimes it’s hard to know when the ideal bedtime should be for your child. As a newborn, a set bedtime is virtually pointless, since your baby will be sleeping 75% of the time anyway. However, as your baby grows, you’ll find you can gradually migrate towards an earlier bedtime as they start sleeping for longer stretches as night. Our bedtime chart by age below shows exactly what those bedtimes should be.

You can learn more about baby sleep, including why bedtime routines are important and when you can start to expect baby to sleep through the night here!


Duration of Sleeping Periods
# of Awakenings
0-6 Weeks
N/A 1.5-3.5 hours 4 times per night
6-15 Weeks
8-11 P.M. 2-4 hours 3-4 times per night
4-8 Months
6-7:30 P.M. 6-8 hours 0-1 times per night
8-10 Months
6-8 P.M. 9-12 hours None
10-12 Months
6-8 P.M. 10-12 hours None

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