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Love or shove: weighted baby swaddling blanket?

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August 19, 2013

Heather Flett, Mom of 2 & RookieMom Author expresses her inner engineer as she is "fascinated" with the lightly-weighted Zen Swaddle baby blanket:

"Nested Bean created this cozy weighted blanket to mimic the sensations of a parent holding a baby with strategically placed heavy bits. Two strengths are available: Peaceful Touch™ and Loving Embrace™ for you to choose just how squeezy you want the experience to be.

RookieMoms Zen Swaddle Review

As a preschooler, my eldest required a “heavy hand” to take a nap on a somewhat regular basis. (Nothing mean: it was a glove filled with sand and left on a his back in place of a hour of patting). With that in mind, I suppose this blankie is the infant version..."

Read the Full Review of the Zen Swaddle Blanket.

Manasi Gangan

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