Zen Swaddle: A Smarter Swaddling Blanket Posted on 09 Jan 14:26

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January 9, 2013

Molly Balint, Mother of 4 and BabyCenter.com Guest Blogger describes the touch benefits of "A Smarter Swaddling Blanket" the Zen Swaddle:

"When my first daughter was born, I remember the magic those nurses could perform when they swept into my hospital room and bundled up my fussy newborn daughter. With amazing precision and skill they’d lay her on the bed and wrap her like a tiny egg roll into her blankets. Within moments her eyes would droop, the squirming would settle and she’d be in deep baby sleep.

BabyCenter Zen Swaddle Review

For many, many parents, swaddling is an invaluable technique to give your newborn baby comfort and security in the new, wide open world. But it is a skill that can take some practice. How many times did I attempt to swaddle my daughters only to see tiny arms escape the blankets or corners become untucked only moments later? But when properly swaddled, it can be a magical formula for helping babies stay calm, rested and happy.

The Zen Swaddle Blanket from Nested Bean is a great solution to helping new parents successfully use swaddling to comfort their babies. It takes the benefits of swaddling and touch to create an easy to use blanket for your baby. The blanket is made from soft, 100% cotton and has small “pockets” of poly-beads placed in strategic places around the blanket."

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