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5 Reasons Sleep Training Might Not Be Working

Sleep training is the practice of helping your baby learn how to fall asleep and, more importantly, stay asleep on her own. You may have finally decided to take the next step to help your baby sleep better by sleep training. Fast forward a week or two and you may be wondering why it's just not working. From working with tens of thousands of families from around the globe and through, The Baby Sleep Site has discovered these key reasons in why sleep training might not be working: 

1. You're missing your baby's Goldilock's Zone

When you try putting your baby to sleep is often the most important factor in how easily they fall asleep. Some sleep experts advise parents to tire their children out before sleep training and put them to bed later than usual. This can be a huge mistake, especially when done for more than a day or two.

2. You're using the wrong sleep training method for your child

Sometimes, the best sleep coaching method for you isn't the best fit for your baby. For example, some parents are uncomfortable leaving the room or even not touching their child as they fall to sleep. But, that doesn't always mean their child has the same preferences... 

3. You're not being consistent with sleep training

The first night of sleep training went "OK" - you stuck it out and your baby fell to sleep on their own. Go you! The next night...well, let's just say you had a long day and couldn't follow through with the plan. It happens!

4. You're starting at the wrong time of day

For many parents naps are their main source of anxiety. If your baby or toddler refuses naps or cannot be put down without waking up, you may feel naps should be the primary focus when sleep training...when in fact, naps can be the HARDEST place to start! 

5. You're not confident in the plan

Babies are SMART! If you're wavering in your decision to sleep coach or are uncertain you've got a solid plan in place, your child is likely to pick up on your hesitation. Thankfully, this is usually an easy fix! 

So, before you throw in the towel and decide your baby is simply "allergic to sleep," read The Baby Sleep Site's post with 5 Reasons Sleep Training Might Not Be Working for more information on each of these reasons and how to fix them! You can also check out our 7 Highly Effective Sleep Tips to help get baby sleeping better!

Manasi Gangan

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