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Zen Swaddle and Zen Sack Blog Reviews

A Few of My Favorite Things: 3 Weeks In

Manasi Gangan

Zen Swaddle: I love this swaddle!  It is really soft, and it has velcro closure that keeps it secure, but isn't super loud.  It also has a smaller pocket for a newborn, and will grow...


Manasi Gangan

The Zen Swaddle combines the benefits of swaddling and touch to provide a safe, secure environment for your baby.  Made from 100% super soft cotton for your baby’s tender skin...

Zen Swaddle: A Smarter Swaddling Blanket

Manasi Gangan

The Zen Swaddle Blanket from Nested Bean is a great solution to helping new parents successfully use swaddling to comfort their babies. It takes the benefits of swaddling...

A Genius New Swaddle for Fussy Babes

Manasi Gangan

This innovative new swaddling blanket is designed with lightly weighted (the key word is lightly) sections that mimic a parent’s warm...

26 Newborn Essentials for Motherhood

Manasi Gangan

Nested Bean's Zen Swaddle grows with your baby: The interior pouch allows parents to tuck in their tiny legs before transitioning to the full-length version.

Zen Swaddle: Kid-Friendly or Are You Kidding?

Manasi Gangan

But unlike a simple blanket, the Zen Swaddle has those soothing, weighted, chemical-free poly-beads and is designed for easy use in four quick steps......