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Zen Blog

Surprising to many first-time parents is that many babies do not simply fall asleep when they are tired and wake when they are rested. Many babies tend to wake up between sleep cycles and then can't get back to sleep,...

Sleep training is the practice of helping your baby learn how to fall asleep and, more importantly, stay asleep on her own. You may have finally decided to take the next step to help your baby sleep better by sleep...

"Nap" - has there ever been a more beautifully succinct word to describe pure elation? Whether you are napping, or your kid just went down – you know naps are on par with pure heaven, worthy of a victory fist pump....

Baby's nap and bedtime schedules change several times during the first year of their lives. This post addresses all the major questions/concerns around napping!

If necessity is the mother of invention, in my case, curiosity was definitely the father. My second son would not sleep without being held, which made for some very long nights. I was so curious about the role my touch...