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Zen Swaddle and Zen Sack Blog Reviews

A Weighted Swaddle, A Clever Concept!

Manasi Gangan

This is a MAJOR win for the parents out there with babies who will only sleep when you are holding them.  I think this swaddle blanket from Nested Bean is worth

The Zen Classic is Perfect for Summer

Manasi Gangan

The Zen swaddle is little man's favorite. We love the Premier but the Zen Classic is perfect for summer! 

A Blanket For All Occasions

Manasi Gangan

Snug and secure, Baby will be off to dreamland in no time! The Zen Swaddle also features two pockets—one for the earliest newborn days, and one for when Baby has grown...

The Zen Swaddle Gave us a Full Night's Sleep

Manasi Gangan

He slept for ten hours. TEN HOURS. To go from three to ten? Insanity. (Of course I woke up seven times to check on him, so I wasn’t really feeling the ol’ health benefits yet)...

That's a Wrap Folks

Manasi Gangan

Does your newborn have zero interest in being anywhere other than your arms? Who can blame him? This big, new world isn’t nearly as cozy as his previous digs...

A Comfy, Cozy Sleep

Manasi Gangan

September, 2013 I’m gonna go ahead and put this out there. My baby can’t sleep unless he is swaddled. My husband is probably the best swaddler there is – my son resembles a small bean burrito when he’s finished with...

Love or shove: weighted baby swaddling blanket?

Manasi Gangan

"Nested Bean created this cozy weighted blanket to mimic the sensations of a parent holding a baby with strategically placed heavy bits..."

Introducing: The Zen Swaddle by Nested Bean

Manasi Gangan

New parents will love that the Zen Swaddle comes with instructions that include great pictures that are clear and very easy to follow making swaddling your baby very easy..

6 New Baby Products You Can’t Miss

Manasi Gangan

This is one of the coolest new products I found. The Zen Swaddle mimics a mother’s touch using three weighted parts to make the baby feel like it’s being held.